The Sassone Building

The Sassone Building sits at the junction of San Pablo Avenue and historic Quinan Street in Pinole, California.  It stands newly refurbished and freshly painted just one block from the infamous “Four Corners” formed at the intersection of San Pablo and Tennent Avenues.

Once a hub of unsophisticated pranks, hanky panky, mischief and misadventures the Four Corners maintains this same status today.

Giuseppe and Santina Sassone arrived in Pinole in 1908 with their Italian dignity intact and began to raise children, make wine, grow vegetables and get on with the business of living a good life.  We thank them.

Santina’s meals were town renowned, her style her own, her strength and determination the reason she had acquired numerous properties in downtown Pinole at the time of her death in 1974.  These have been kept in the family, served as homes, business offices, and now The Wild Beast Studio and Gallery. 

Thank you Santina, Marie Louise, Jeanette, et al.

Homage to Santina and Guiseppe Sassone.  Sculpture by Patrick Amiot and Brigitte Laurenthttp://www.patrickamiot.comshapeimage_3_link_0